Make a Wish Foundation

Humbled that his children were healthy, Jim was a board member of the Make A Wish Foundation of Eastern North Carolina for 8+ years. He has been an active fundraiser and Wish granter for this chapter, helping to secure many wishes in-kind, fearlessly asking vendors for donations of items or contributions.

For the past 8 years Jim has done a project called “Profit with a Purpose” with his classes at UNC’s business school. Working in teams of two-three students come up with a product or service to sell. The profits generated are then donated to charity. Last year his two classes generated $130,000 in profits in four weeks. All told, over $300,000 in profits have been generated and donated, with Make A Wish being the largest recipient. 

While Jim has helped to grant dozens of Wishes, below are just some of the proudest and most fulfilling: 

Katherine | Brandon | Krista | Nathan | Michael


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