Key Country Facts

Population: 1.3 million
Historical & Interesting Facts:

Tree of Life, a remaining tree in the otherwise dried up Desert!

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

ancient land Dilmun, Garden of Eden, Qalat al Bahrain ruins

Other Information:

Top exports are refined petroleum, raw aluminum, aluminum bars, aluminum wire, and computers.

Today I’m in Bahrain! The capital is Manama. About 1.332 million people live here (2013) and the official language is Arabic. The dominant religion is Islam. The time zone is 7 hours ahead of EST.

Bahrain is unique in that it is a tax-free economy (with exceptions on oil, gas, and petroleum), making it a hotspot for foreign investments. Also fascinating is that Bahrain’s territory is thought to be the location of the Garden of Eden because of Eden’s resemblance to the ancient land Dilmun, where Bahrain exists today.

Travelers should visit Manama in order to see some of its churches, museums, and the ancient ruins of Qalat al Bahrain. A fun place to see at night is Reef Island, which has beautiful lights along the route and lots of restaurants to choose from such as French or Lebanese food. It’s a very peaceful place to walk around, and has many private apartments to rent.

An interesting place to see if travelers have some time to kill is the Tree of Life, a remaining tree in the otherwise dried up Desert. The tree contrasts the tents and oil pipes set up nearby, and is dated to be several hundred years old. It is said that this tree provides proof that the lands in Bahrain were once very lush.

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