Czech Republic

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Population: 10.52 million
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Hockey is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic!

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The top exports: machinery equipment, transport equipment, raw materials, fuel, and chemicals

Czech Republic, which gained independence in 1993. The capital is Prague and the official language is Czech. About 10.52 million people live here (2013). The country used to be primarily Christian but since the mid-20th century religion has declined steadily in popularity; today, the Czech Republic is one of the least religious nations in the world. The time zone is 5 hours ahead of EST.

The Czech Republic is especially beautiful because it is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It also has over 2,000 castles, castle ruins, and fortified towers, called keeps! Another treat in the Czech Republic is its many spas where travelers can relax and enjoy medical care for the body and mind.

A fun fact is that hockey is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic. Also interesting is that it is the number one beer-drinking country in the world, with pilsner-style beers being the most popular.

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