Key Country Facts

Population: 91.51 million
Top Activities and Places to Visit:

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel Temple Complex, Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Tiran Island, Temple of Medinat Habu

Other Information:

Top exports are crude petroleum, refined petroleum, insulated wire, video displays, and gold

The capital of Egypt is Cairo, though there are currently existing plans to build a new capital. About 91.51 million people live here (2015) and the official language is Arabic, though English and French are spoken as well, followed by Russian, Spanish, or Italian due to the high volume of tourism from these areas. Egypt has the largest Arabic population in the world. The dominant religion is Islam followed by Christianity and Judaism. The top exports are crude petroleum, refined petroleum, insulated wire, video displays, and gold. The time zone is 6 hours ahead of EST.

Most travelers flock to Egypt to see the pyramids and stone artifacts. The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Abu Simbel Temple Complex are absolute must-sees for their architectural beauty and history. And, of course, the Great Sphinx in Giza must be seen as well. These places are so fascinating because they are surviving examples of ancient Egyptian culture and religion, where many gods were worshipped and where temples were resting places as souls went to the afterlife. Humans were believed to have different parts in their souls, and it is the spiritual life force, Ka, that goes into the afterlife after death.

To get away from the tourists but still see temples, visit the less crowded Temple of Medinat Habu in Luxor. The etchings in the temple walls are amazingly well-preserved and the lack of crowds allows visitors to spend more time looking at the artwork and architectural beauty of the site.

In Cairo, thousands of years of history can be explored in the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. This is a great place to learn more about Egyptian culture and history. The capital is a great place to explore to see a mix of modern and ancient architecture, and the city itself is very beautiful.

One more place to explore is Tiran Island, which used to be under Egypt’s authority but now is owned by Saudi Arabia. The abandoned shipwreck, warm waters, and coral reef diving make it an excellent place to explore for a day.

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