Key Country Facts

Population: 1.2 Million
Historical & Interesting Facts:

Ethiopia is the only sub-Saharan Africa country never taken over by colonial control.

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Lake Tana, Blue Nile Falls, Simien Mountains National Park

Other Information:

Major exports include coffee, oilseeds, edible vegetables, gold, flowers, live animals, raw leather products, and meat products.

The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. There are approximately 102,374, 044 people living here. The official languages of Ethiopia are Oromo, the official working language in the state of Oromiya; Amhara, the official national language; Somali, the official working language in the state of Sumale; and English, the major foreign language taught in schools. The majority of Ethiopians practice Ethiopian Orthodoxy. The time zone is 7 hours ahead of EST.

Ethiopia is rich with natural falls and scenic national parks. One such is Lake Tana, the largest Lake in Ethiopia. Surrounded by numerous islands, with ruins of 17th century monasteries on them. The Blue Nile Falls sources Lake Tana and is called “the great smoke” in Amharic. Simien Mountains National Park is also of interest as it is home to walia ibex, Galeda Baboons and breathtaking vistas.

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