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Population: 2,009,648
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Gambia is that it’s the smallest country on the continent of Africa.

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Banjul, Coco Beach

The capital of Gambia is Banjul. There are approximately 2,009,648 people living here. The official language of Gambia is English. The majority of Gambians practice Islam. The time zone is 4 hours ahead of EST. Major exports of Gambia are peanut products, fish, cotton, and palm kernels.

When visiting, check out the Four Wheel Drive Adventure a tour popular for tourists to get to know the country’s schools, villages, and distilleries. Also of interest is the Abuko Nature Reserve home to monkeys, crocodiles, and 300 species of birds just to name a few. For those who want to take home souvenirs of their journey, Albert Market is known for its traditional crafts, cloths, and jewelry.

After travelling to 139 countries, I’ll always remember my 140th00 the Gambia. Why? Because being accused of “carrying drugs” in my suitcase (and having to have my bag searched) and the shake down for a visa on arrival in a back room. My passport was confiscated by border patrol, and alter offering $28 USDs the official became irritated and demanded $70 USDs. I countered with $60 and he relented and slipped the cash into his pocket after stamping my passport.

Driving thru Banjul, this is a non-descript and lifeless town, which exists only because its where the Gambian River meets the Atlantic. Transits from Europe flock to the Gambia during the winter months and stay in lovely beachfront resorts. The nicest of these is the Coco Beach, which is reminiscent of the finest Jamaican resorts. This would make sense as both are former British Colonies.

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