Key Country Facts

Population: 17. 22 million
Historical & Interesting Facts:

Also unique is that Malawi is the homeplace of fossils from homo sapiens dating back to around 8000 BC.

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Lake Malawi, St. Peter’s Cathedral on Likoma Island, Society of Malawi Library, Mount Mulanje

Other Information:

The top exports are raw tobacco, dried legumes, raw sugar, tea, and raw cotton

The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe and the country’s population is about 17. 22 million (2015). The official language in Malawi is English comma however comma another language called Chichewa (also called Chewa) is also spoken here. The primary religions in Malawi are Christianity and Islam period almost all Islamic followers in Malawi are Sunni Muslim. The time zone is 6 hours ahead of EST.

Many travelers head to the UNESCO World Heritage site at Lake Malawi, which separates Malawi from Mozambique and Tanzania and offers some great kayaking, paddle-boarding, or canoeing opportunities. Another interesting place to see is St. Peter’s Cathedral on Likoma Island, an unexpected surprise to find on a small island. Built in 1903, the church has beautiful stained glass inside and a shopping street nearby to explore afterwards.

History lovers should head to the Society of Malawi Library, where they can have lunch and then explore thousands of photographs, books, and other documents about Malawi history and culture. The library is well-maintained and is a gold mine of resources for researchers and lovers of gaining new knowledge. The library is free to visit, but be sure to plan ahead in case an appointment is needed.

For a fantastic hiking experience, take a trek for 3 to 5 days in Mount Mulanje. The views are absolutely incredible, and a guided tour can take care of food and lodging accommodations as well as share knowledge about Malawi people, culture, and politics. Be careful to try and go when the weather is good, as rainy or foggy weather can take away from the views.

Bird watchers will delight in knowing that the city of Zomba is known to have many bird species nearby, including the endangered white-winged apalis.

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