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Population: 19.96 million
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19-year-old Romanian student, Lonut Budisteanu, designed his own AI system for self-driving cars. He won first place at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair in 2013 and his technology rivals similar technology from big companies like Google.

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti, Parc Aventura Brasov, Peles Castle,

Other Information:

The top exports: vehicle parts, insulated wire, cars, refined petroleum, and rubber tires

Kutrubes Travel planned an exquisitely complicated tour for me through “eastern” Europe, helping me to make the most of seeing the highlights of these countries in the most meaningful way, without just zipping through.

I started out in Romania, flew to Bulgaria, then drove through Serbia, next to Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Boznia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, and ending in Venice, Italy.

A wonderful place to visit in Romania is Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti in Brasov. This is not a zoo; it is a bear rehabilitation center to help declining bear populations, especially brown bears which are virtually extinct in many parts of Europe. Travelers who love outdoor challenges will also enjoy Parc Aventura Brasov, an adventure park filled with fun challenges for navigating the forest area.

Also worth a visit is Peles Castle in Sinaia, a magnificent castle where the rooms are styled differently with architecture and furnishings influenced by other countries in Europe and the Middle East. On busy days there can be a long wait, but once inside the views are gorgeous.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest and the country has about 20 million people living there. The official language is Romanian. Christian denominations are the primary religions, with the dominant religion being Eastern Orthodox.  The time zone is 6 hours ahead of EST.

This is a country that I definitely want to return to visit the fantastic castles!

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