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Population: 1.9 million
Historical & Interesting Facts:

Slovenia is that the world’s oldest vine is located in Maribor. The vine is now over 400 years old!

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

National Museum of Slovenia, Savinja and Šalek Valley

Other Information:

Major exports: manufactured goods, machinery, electronics, textiles, and transport equipment, chemicals, and food

Beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kutrubes Travel planned an exquisitely complicated tour for me through “eastern” Europe, helping me to make the most of seeing the highlights of these countries in the most meaningful way, without just zipping through.

I started out in Romania, flew to Bulgaria, then drove through Serbia, next to Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Boznia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, and ending in Venice, Italy.

The highlight of Slovenia, is just walking through its spectacular downtown. If there is a more beautiful and uplifting town in Europe, I haven’t seen it. Loved the bridge with the locks on it … this bridge was the first and inspired MANY others afterwards. You might enjoy the National Museum of Slovenia in the capital, Ljubljana. It is the oldest and largest museum in all of Slovenia and houses numerous valuable historical objects. As Slovenia is known for its natural beauty adventurers will enjoy the waterfalls, mountains, caves and lakes located in the Savinja and Šalek Valley!

Cool bridge with locks on it … signifying love!
Who knew you could get milk from a vending machine?!
Downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia
Downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia

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