Sri Lanka

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Population: 22 million
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Sri Lanka is that due to its high number of waterfalls, most of its energy is hydro-powered. Making it one the world’s most environmentally friendly places to live!

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Sigiriya, Sabaragwmuwa

The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo. There are approximately 22 million people living here (as of 2016). The majority of Sri Lankans practice Buddhism. The official languages of Sri Lanka are Sinhala and Tamil, while English is used often in government sectors.


Major exports of Sri Lanka include textiles and apparel, tea and spices, rubber manufactures, precious stones, coconut products, and fish.

Sri Lanka is ripe with natural beauty. When visiting, adventurers will enjoy Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress located in the Central Province. Also of interest is the Temple of the Tooth, a temple located in the city of Kandy. The temple is home to the tooth of the Buddha!

I got a very warm welcome in Sri Lanka and had a wonderful nights rest. Woke up early the next day for a flight to Sigiriya to visit the “Cultural Triangle.” Then went to the rock fortress built in the 5th century (probably modeled after Romans).

I learned how to snake charm a cobra! Then climbed up the Dambulla temple where there are huge rock sculptures of Buddha. The highlight of the day was going to the elephant orphanage at Habarana.  Priceless adventure and time in Sri Lanka!

At elephant orphanage in Sabaragwmuwa


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