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Population: 68.2 Million
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Home to the smallest mammal in the world, the bumblebee bat!

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Grand Palace

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Major exports: automobiles and parts, computers, jewelry, refine fuels, chemical products, rice, fish, and cassava.

At the Grand Palace in Thailand

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. There are approximately 69 million people living here. The official language of Thailand is Thai and English is the language of the elite. The majority of Thai people practice Buddhism. The time zone is 11 hours ahead of EST.

My father and I visited Thailand in 1995.  We flew into Bangkok, and afterwards went to Chiang Mai, then Chiang Rai, and then to Phuket.

We marveled at the Grand Palace. Located in Bangkok, it was the former home to the king, his court, and the entirety of Thai government for 150 years.  Got to play with elephants in Chiang Rai, and enjoyed the spectacular beaches in Phuket.

Visited Bangkok again in 2018 when visiting my college friend Dave Burris, and catching up over dinner.

At the Grand Palace
Spectacular stupas in Thailand
Enjoying a cultural show

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