Key Country Facts

Population: 621,383
Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Perast, Boka Bay, Our Lady of the Rock, Sveti Stefan, Durmitor National Park

Other Information:

Top exports: raw aluminum, electricity, cars, dried legumes, and wine.

The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica and the official language is Montenegrin. About 621,383 people live here (2013). The dominant religion is Orthodox Christianity, divided between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church. Islam is the largest minority religion.  The time zone is 5 hours ahead of EST.

Despite being situated on the Mediterranean, Montenegro actually can be quite cold, with heavy snowfall in winter in the inland cities. One town that absolutely must be visited while visiting  is Perast in Boka Bay near Kotor. Perast has gorgeous old architecture and churches as well as Our Lady of the Rock, a little island in Boka Bay with a church and museum. Taxi boats will take travelers there every few minutes.

Another must-see place is Sveti Stefan (St. Stephen) fifteen minutes away from Budva by car. It is a known favorite vacation spot for many celebrities and iconic figures, including Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe!

For those who love hiking and being outdoors, head to the Durmitor National Park for the spectacular views. The highest part of the mountains there, Bobotov Kuk (8,278 feet high), has incredible views at the top.

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