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I have completed my 30+ year journey around the world, visiting all 193 U.N. recognized countries. See photos and trips in my Travel section!

Mission Accomplished

On March 31, Jim Kitchen ’87, a professor of the practice of strategy and entrepreneurship at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, was part of the six-person crew of Blue Origin’s latest flight to space.

UNC Students Give Seventh Car Away

Tracy Theissen gasped when she found out that UNC students purchased her a Honda Odyssey minivan. “No it’s not mine,” Check out her reaction!

UN Recognized Countries Visited

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McConaughey said it best! 🤠

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In my travels, I've had the opportunity to see many different ocean views. I've seen white sandy beaches, brown beaches, black beaches, rocky beaches, as well as the top and very bottom of the ocean ... and they're all beautiful in their own way ❤️ 🌊

I've never wanted to be someone living with regrets, which is why I've followed my passion for travel so whole heartedly. Life is short, and exploring brings out the best in me. Why do you travel .. and how does it change you? 🌏

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