Jim’s Projects

1789 and Launch Chapel Hill

As an entrepreneur, Jim has long had a passion for teaching young people how to start and run businesses and reach for their dreams. In 2010, Jim began teaching entrepreneurship to undergraduate students at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. After opening his office on Franklin Street to his students so they could work on their business […]

Make a Wish Foundation

Humbled that his children were healthy, Jim was a board member of the Make A Wish Foundation of Eastern North Carolina for 8+ years. He has continued to be an active fundraiser and Wish granter for this chapter, helping to secure many wishes in-kind, fearlessly asking vendors for donations of items or contributions. Since 2011 […]

Public School Foundation

Since 2008, I have served on the board of the Public School Foundation, an organization that raises funds for innovative programs to support students and teachers in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. The Foundation’s annual Walk for Education is an important fundraiser for our local public schools. This past year, we were able to raise over […]

Community Empowerment

CEF was one of the first student ventures to occupy space in my office on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. They, along with Sweeps, U-Connection, ABAN, and Carpe, were some of the first companies to launch successful ventures out of these offices and our space just down the street at 1789. I am so proud […]

Costa Rica

In 2008, I had an opportunity to help build eco-rooms at a community cooperative in Bijagua, a small rural village in the Northwestern part of Costa Rica. In Bijagua, it’s not unusual to see men on horseback herding cattle or plowing farms with oxen. There aren’t many “gringos” in this area – so I stuck […]

12 Marathons in 12 Months

This is a story of transformation, overcoming Newton’s First Law, you know … a body at rest stays at rest. As a busy, 40ish, dad and husband whose athletic glory days had long ago passed, this began as a desperate need to get in shape. Sure, the good natured ridicule of my son, who never […]

Building Electric Porsche 911

In 2007, I went to a local car dealership to look at some of their electric cars. Why? It just seemed crazy that everyone on was driving a car that polluted our planet. There had to be an alternative. And, at the time, there was – they were called “NEVs”, which stood for Neighborhood Electric […]

100 Mile Ultramarathons

“At some point during this race many of you will experience adversity; know that when you fight through those times and overcome, it will mold your character just as iron forges iron, and you will emerge with battle-tested armor.” – Race Director, Umstead 100 Ultramarathon Ran 500+ miles in 2021 …. 2022 Update: Training for […]

Jim’s Projects

by | Oct 16, 2015