Key Country Facts

Population: 350,000
Historical & Interesting Facts:

The only Central American nation where English is the official language!

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Maya Ruins, Old Belize, Belize River

Other Information:

Major exports: sugar, bananas, citrus, fish products, molasses, wood, and crude oil.

Family in Ambergris Caye

Tropical and rainy Belize! Loved our time vacationing in Ambergris Caye! Belize gained independence in 1981 and has a total population of roughly 350,000. 

Belize is the only Central American nation where English is the official language. Belizeans also speak Spanish, Creole, Maya, and Garifuna. Roman Catholicism and protestant Christianity are the main religions practiced.

When visiting, travelers should definitely visit the Maya ruins, we actually flew to Guatemala to do so, however you can visit those in Belize by foot. Travelers would also enjoy exploring the jungles by horseback as well as visiting Old Belize, a hub of the country’s culture and history. Other activities include sport fishing, zip lining and of course …. snorkeling & diving!

One fun fact about Belize is that it was named for the Belize River, a named derived from the Mayan word “Belix” meaning “muddy-watered.”

Belize from the air, Ambergris Caye
In beautiful Ambergris Caye
On our way to Guatemala!

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