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Population: 104,000
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Tonga has a well-protected lagoon within it that is perfect for sea kayaking!

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Top exports: squash, bananas, vanilla beans, and coconuts.

In the Kingdom of Tonga (Tonga), an archipelago of over 170 islands with 36 of them inhabited. It’s capital is Nukuʻalofa and its main languages are Tongan and English. About 104,000 people live here (2011). The main religion is the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, established in 1928 as the state religion by Queen Salote Tupou III. Polynesian culture and Christianity also play large roles in society. Its climate is hot and wet from December to April and cool and dry for the rest of the year. The time zone is 18 hours ahead of EST.

One fun fact about Tonga is that it has a well-protected lagoon within it that is perfect for sea kayaking. There are also Royal Tombs found throughout for those who want to learn more about Tonga’s history as a kingdom. Another interesting fact is that Tonga has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at over 99 percent (by comparison, the U.S.’ literacy rate is estimated to be around 86 percent). Tonga was also one of the stopping places of Captain James Cook, a captain commissioned by Britain to navigate the world in the 1700s.

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