Dominican Republic

6 summers of volunteering at Outreach 360 in Monte Cristi, near the Haitian border

Outreach360 has been working in Latin America since 1994, and our family began volunteering in 2013 through 2018 in the Dominican Republic. 

Outreach is such a wonderful program that truly meets the needs in the countries where they work (currently the DR and Nicaragua) staffed by the unique abilities and resources that volunteers bring to share.

Their “Dare to Dream” Summer Program provides exciting and fun opportunities for Monte Christy’s youth to explore possibilities for their futures!

Volunteers bring with them English proficiency (this is the big thing, practicing speaking English), and other talents and abilities.

It’s one big, fun summer camp for local children to explore their talents in Art, (Business skills is what we taught!) Music, Computer Skills, Drama, Writing, Sustainability and so much more! 

So many new friends made!

Karsen, can I hold your hand?!

Teaching core values

Volunteers take a trip to Haiti

Our family taught Entrepreneurial skills, and teams started businesses and gave idea pitches.

Friends for life!


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