Key Country Facts

Population: 40.263 million
Historical & Interesting Facts:

It's covered by the Sahara Desert, so most of the country is actually uninhabited.

Top Activities and Places to Visit:

Notre Dame d’Afrique, Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, Pont Sidi M’Cid

Other Information:

Top exports: petroleum gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ammonia, and coal tar oil.

The capital of Algeria is Algiers and the official languages are Algerian Spoken Arabic (Arabic), French, and Standard Arabic. About 40.263 million people live here (2016). Almost all of the Algeria’s population is Sunni Islam, making Islam an integral part of Algerian culture – though a extremely small Christian population lives there as well. The time zone is 5 hours ahead of EST.

Travelers should be aware that the U.S. Department of State issued a warning to U.S. citizens against traveling in Algeria, particularly in the southern and eastern regions and isolated parts of the Kabylie region. There is a high threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping in these areas.

Because Algeria was once colonized by France, it now has a site known as Notre Dame d’Afrique in Algiers, or the Notre Dame of Africa. The church pays tribute to French influence on Algerian culture and life.

Another place in Algiers to visit is Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, a serene garden with French and English influences. There is a great mix of plant life and the architecture is simple yet beautiful, with statues scattered throughout the area. In general, much of Algiers is filled with French-influenced architecture, museums, and other tourist attractions.

Travelers unafraid of heights should visit Pont Sidi M’Cid, a bridge between two high rock formations with stellar views.

One fact about Algeria is that it is covered by the Sahara Desert, so most of the country is actually uninhabited. Travelers should also know that alcoholic drinks are not commonly found in Algeria because the country is Islamic.

The well-known philosopher, writer, and Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus is from Algeria. His story “The Guest” (L’Hôte in French) is based on the war in Algeria roughly between 1954 and 1962.

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