San Marino

A view from the castle in San Marino, 2015

Flew into Rome, and then took a day trip to San Marino, then stayed the night in Rome. Situated in the enclave of central Italy, the capital of San Marino is …. San Marino. There are approximately 35,000 people living here. The locals, who are regarded as “Sammarinese” speak Italian and practice Roman Catholicism.

When visiting, adventurers should visit all three of the breathtaking mountain peaks that overlook the city of San Marino. The three peaks are Guaita, De La Fratta, and Montale. Most tourists enjoy the cuisine here and Piadina is one such notable popular local flatbread that is sure to satisfy most taste buds.

One fun fact is that San Marino is the smallest independent state in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco!


Spectacular views of Italy from the top of San Marino!

Burkina Faso

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South Sudan

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